Satanath - Urban Apocalypse

Reissue of the album "Urban Apocalypse" of Russian space/dark ambient project Satanath is out on November 26th, 2021! Co-released by GrimmDistribution, Gravações Tunguska and More Hate Productions. Satanath is a one man space/dark ambient project founded by Aleksey Korolyov in January 2011. Aleksey is the boss of the label SATANATH RECORDS, as well as a member of Abigorum and ex-keyboardist of Taiga. First full-length album "Urban Apocalypse" was self-released digitally by SATANATH on December 28th, 2011. Almost 10 years have passed, the time has come for the debut album to be released for the first time on a physical copies and with an updated artwork cover by Mary Kankava (Hellcatfairyart). The release also contains various bonus tracks recorded in 2011-2012, which perfectly complement the picture of the apocalypse!


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