Well, here we are in the new year... 2020... Greetings to everyone and may this year be a peacefull and productive one.
So let me tell you a little bit about last year. It was a year of great strides for Gravações Tunguska.
New editions, new contacts, new bands, new internet content, lots of work towards the spread of the "waves of Tunguska".
Talking about the 2019 editions we can say that one of our greatest prides is having released the third full-length of HOMO, entitled "A Good Dog Is A Bad Wolf" - this is an extremely powerfull album of dark ambient music that will take the listener on a greyish trip towards the inner questions that haunt mens souls. Another reference which was both an innovation as a return to the golden past is the release of the double-cassette containing the first two albums of Sektor 304. An innovation for it was the first collaboration of Gravações Tunguska with another label, namely New Approach Records. And the pride of having in our …
2019 was a very busy year...
Although not much was written in this blog, several developments occurred with Gravações Tunguska.
In the next days/posts we will make a small briefing about it...

Welcome to Tunguska

This is the launch of the oficial Tunguska Recordings internet platform. Feel free to browse through our releases and contact us if you are interested.
Further news and updates will be posted here.