Well this is a very late warning but I guess most people knew this by now...
Because of the state of pandemic we have cancelled the shipment of physical media until the pandemic state is over.
Please find our digital media at our bandcamp site.
Best regards, and stay safe!

Excellent Review of DAO - Desolate Landscapes

Read the review of DAO's new album in Lux Atenea site, here the link:

New release: HARDWARE "Under The Flesh" CD

In a time when computers and software where still limited and archaic systems, when the internet was still a vast unreal information landscape taking primary steps towards global coverage, the spectral entity known as HARDWARE emerges!
A cybernetic vortex of relentless beats and layers of synthesized riffs that own as much from Death Metal as they do from Industrial or electronic music, commanded by a ferocious growling voice exhaling alien signals from a distant universe. Delirious, surreal and punishing, Hardware is here announcing the algorithm of death!
HARDWARE is a long lost treasure from the 90’s Porto underground scene and new sees a new life in a remastered CD version with brand new artwork fitting the binary nightmare it contains! Tunguska Recordings are proud to bring this seminal work to public knowledge.

This release is available in both digital and CD format.
Listen at: 

Astarium to be released in April!

April 18th, 2020 is the release date for Astarium "Hyperborea" CD, co-released by Gravações Tunguska and Satanath Records' label-partner GrimmDistribution.

The Astarium project was founded in summer 2005 in Novosibirsk. SiN acts as the sole participant. From the very beginning of the creative way the reference point was taken on the symphonic branch of black metal and exclusively the studio activity of the project. For 14 years of its existence 8 albums have been recorded, as well as many EPs, demos and splits, which have been released in different countries and corners of the world (Russia, Europe, USA, Latin America and Australia). Each work by Astarium is distinguished by its unique mood, sound of instruments, concept and genre interlacing.

More news in the meantime...!!!

New release: DAO "Desolate Landscapes" CD

DAO is a promising project of Experimental/Ambient/Noise from Catalunya.
Its layered textures of sound convey a deep sense of abstraction and meditation, often
dwelling into abysses of low-end gravity or driven by ominous reverb drenched pounding
rhythms and pulses. There is a sense of inexorable doom in these minimalist, yet tense
compositions, invoking a geography of bleakness and the slow decay into a nightmare of
“Desolate Landscapes” is a work you must have in your collection of exquisite limited special
editions of avantgard extreme music. It comes packaged in a beautiful digisleeve with
artwork by the artist himself. Mastered by André Coelho and limited to 200 copies, don't
hesitate to buy this marvelous piece of art.

2020 will be a great year for Gravações Tunguska!
In all we have already 4 new titles that will be released in the first months of the year.
And work on other two is already in an advanced state.
Expect news from DAO, kageraw, Hardware, Veneno, and much more!
New contacts and partnerships are being established each day, and the Tunguska catalogue will grow stronger and stronger.
We will add a distro page soon, and a bandcamp page is on its way too.
Soon you will be able to acquire digital files of many of the releases, beyond those on soundcloud or youtube.
Business in the brazilian headquarters has picked up and many of our titles can now be found in the brazilian economical capital of São Paulo.
We will continue to focus on our three branches of extreme music, providing releases impossible to find on other labels.
New posts will follow!...