Released in August 2020 the new album of kageraw - "Find Me In The Dark" is a smash hit! Here some words from the artist herself: Here is my second release that came out on the Portuguese label Gravacoes Tunguska. Despite the problems caused by the worldwide plague, the guys were able to release CDs, and as always, in a beautiful and very high quality design. The compilation includes tracks created in 2017-2020. The title "FIND ME IN THE DARK" is a line from the English self-titled song: "Find me in the dark The energy of love Feel like the one I will not hide". Mystical, ritual chants and songs, mixed with piano melodies - everything that has captivated my spirit the recent years, on one cd, decorated with personal photos and drawings. Maybe it's not always about music, but always about the state, the feeling. I never tried to make something by my brains, to please someone. It was always a pure sound experiment, where my perception

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Check out our Bandcamp page! Some releases that previously were not available there are being posted. We are sending the post on time - no problems with buying physical media. Just remember posts all over the world are slowly this days. Best regards!

Restrictions to sending phisical media lifted

We are back again sending merchandise by mail. Restrictions due to covid-19 are no longer in effect regarding sending parcels through post. It may take some time as everything is working slower, but you can order at will. Best regards from Gravações Tunguska

New Review of DAO - Desolate Landscapes

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COVID-19 Well this is a very late warning but I guess most people knew this by now... Because of the state of pandemic we have cancelled the shipment of physical media until the pandemic state is over. Please find our digital media at our bandcamp site. Best regards, and stay safe!

Excellent Review of DAO - Desolate Landscapes

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